Rock-Ola Fireball Jukebox


PRODUCT: Fireball -- $4,995.00
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Our Modern-Retro cabinet design has only three moving parts. Fireball features Rock-Ola's refined DigiTrac mechanism which stores and plays CD's on the same horizontal platform. When this machine goes into motion it really attracts attention with it's flashing lights imbedded into the all metal, die-cast chromed end caps. And the DigiTrac plugs into Rock-Ola's exclusive SyberSonic Electronics, so there's no need to change systems

  • Dual Amps with 360 Watts RMS Power
  • Surround Sound
  • Quick Connect Speaker Taps
  • Infra-Red Remote Volume Control
  • Wall Mountable Volume Control
  • Built in AutoPlay and Background Music
  • Plug In Auxiliary Music Inputs and Outputs
  • International Power Supply
  • Mars AE2411 Currency Acceptor (Domestic Only)
  • Automatic CD Changing
  • Programmable Page Display Options
  • "Happy Hour" Pricing
  • Accepts virtually any microphone
  • Multiple Language User Display
  • 32 Character LCD Display
  • Customize Display Messages
  • Self Diagnostics, Error Reporting and Laser Tests are built in
  • Amplifier Short Circuit, Heat and Overload Protection


  • 100 CD capacity magazine
  • Dual Amplifier with Surround Sound and dual equalizers
  • 360 Watts RMS Power (810 Watts Music Power)
  • 4 Speaker, dual 2-way system for "live" performance reproduction
  • Phillips CD Pro 2 Player
  • Dimensions: 60" H x 36" W x 26" D
  • Weight: approx. 315 Lbs.

Available Options

  • 2-Way Data System gives you instant access to all your important accounting data and will even notify when the bill stacker is full!
  • Infra-Red Printer provides hard copy of audit, popularity and set-up data
  • Deluxe Remote Volume Control with additional control functions
  • Paging Microphone Kit
  • Mechanical Cash Counter connects to computer for the purpose of providing a secondary accounting method.


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